Sunday Snappy Exam Time Table

1 16.07.2017 Physical world,units and measurements Some basic concepts of Chemistry Sets The Living world,Biological classification
2 23.07.2017 Motion in straight line Structure of atom Relations and functions Plant Kingdom,Animal kingdom
3 30.07.2017 Motion in plane Classifications of elements and periodicity in properties Trigonometric functions Morphology & anatomy of flowering plants
4 06.08.2017 Laws of motion Chemical bonding and molecular structure Principle of Mathematical induction Structural organisation in Animals
5 13.08.2017 Work States of matter Complex numbers and quadratic equations Cell:The unit of life,Biomolecules
6 20.08.2017 Energy and Power Thermodynamics Linear inequalities Cell cycle and cell Division
7 27.08.2017 System of particles Equilibrium Permutations and combinations Transport in plants ,Mineral nutrition
8 03.09.2017 Rotational motion Redox reaction Binomeal theorem Photosynthesis in higher plants,Respiration in plants
9 10.09.2017 Mechanical properties of solids Hydrogen Sequence and Series Plant growth and developments
10 17.09.2017 Mechanical properties of liquids The s-block elements Straight lines Digestion and absorption
11 24.09.2017 Thermal properties of matter The p-block elements Conic sections Breathing and exchange of gases
12 01.10.2017 Thermodynamics Organic chemistry-some basic principles and techniques Introduction to three dimentional geomety Body fluids and circulation,Excretory products and their elimination
13 08.10.2017 Kinetic theory Hydrocarbons Limits Locomotion and movement
14 15.10.2017 Oscillations Environmental chemistry Derivatives Neural control and coorination,Chemical coordination and integration
15 22.10.2017 Waves The solid state Mathematical reasoning Reproduction in organisms
16 29.10.2017 Electric charges and fields Solutions Statitics Sexual reproduction in flowering plants
17 05.11.2017 Electrostatic potential and capacitance Electro chemistry Probability Human reproduction
18 12.11.2017 Current electricity Chemical Kinetics Relations and functions Reproductive health
19 19.11.2017 Magnetic effects of current and magnetism Surface chemistry Inverse trigonometric functions Principles of inheritance and variation
20 26.11.2017 Magnetism and matter General principles and process of isolation of elements Matrices Molecular basis of inheritance
21 03.12.2017 Electro magnetic induction The p-block elements Determinants Evolution
22 10.12.2017 Alternating current The d-and f-block elements Continuity and differentiability Human health and disease
23 17.12.2017 Electromagnetic waves Co ordination compounds Applications of derivatives Strategies for enhancement for food production
24 24.12.2017 Ray optics and optical instruments Halo alkanes and Haloarenes Integrals Microbes in human welfare
25 31.12.2017 Wave optics Alcohols,Phenols and ethers Applications of Integrals Biotechnology :Principle and process
26 07.01.2018 Dual nature of matter and radiation Aldehydes,Ketones and Carboxylic acids Differential equations Biotechnology and its applications
27 14.01.2018 Atoms Organic compounds containing Nitrogen (Amines) Vectors Organisms and populations
28 21.01.2018 Nuclei Biomolecules Thee dimentional geometry Ecosystem
29 28.01.2018 Solids and semiconductors Polymers Linear programmin Biodiversity and conservation
30 04.02.2018 Communication sysytem Chemistry in everyday's life Probability Environmental issues
31 11.02.2018 All plus one chapters All plus one chapters All plus one chapters All plus one chapters
32 18.02.2018 All plus two chapters All plus two chapters All plus two chapters All plus two chapters
33 25.02.2018 All chapters All chapters All chapters All chapters